Executive Orders

We thought we’d put together a primer on executive orders.

What are Presidential Executive Orders (USA.gov)? This USA.gov site includes finding tools for current and past executive orders. Executive orders: A beginners guide (LoC) explains how to research them using either the Library of Congress or other online sources. Finally, a how to explanation of the executive branch (White House) includes a brief description.

In case you missed the coverage of President Obama’s remarks on reducing gun violence, the entire speech is here and the fact sheet is here.

Immigrants & Refugees

Curious about the process immigrants and refugees go through in order to come to America?

Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries Act

Introduced in January, the SKILLS Act (S.312) aka the Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries Act would improve upon existing legislation by developing coordination and communication between teachers and school librarians. These efforts would include professional development and training for school librarians to teach information literacy, reading, and writing on all grade levels, as well as make sure that resources are available for all students – particularly those with special needs.

This is good news, as many school libraries have seen drastic funding cuts or haven even been eliminated from some schools over the past few years. This act is part of several ongoing education reforms by the federal government.

Post authored by Janie Richardson


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