Our focus for the week of fall break is the U.S. Department of Transportation.

  • Planning a vacation? Be sure to check America’s Byways: National Scenic Byways Online for ideas, a podcast & more!
  • Highway Statistics, 1958
  • Public Roads, Sept/Oct 2000
  • Have you heard the rumbling about drowsy drivers?
  • Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division
  • The Double-Nickel Challenge: Race to the Fuel Pump (has anyone tried driving double-nickels lately?)
  • National Civilian GPS Services
  • Bicycling for Everyone
  • Estimating Auto Emissions of Alternative Transportation Systems, April 1972
  • Department of Transportation, Second Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1968
  • What you need to know about Air Bags
  • Approaching Alternative Fueled Vehicle Crashes
  • You’re Not a Kid Anymore
  • What happens if I’m stopped by an officer of the law?
  • Getting to School Safely
  • Driving Safely While Aging Gracefully
  • Traffic Safety & Crime, Keeping Pace
  • Pedestrian Safety Toolkit

Hope you enjoyed fall break!