To begin with, the Director of the Census has a blog post regarding the upcoming changes to the budget.

All sizes and types of businesses need and use data from the Economic Census and the American Community Survey for a variety of reasons. Of course there are many questions as to why these 2 surveys are being cut and who benefits from the data versus how intrusive the questions are. Check these editorials for some answers:

Note – there’s a very good chance you might be asked to log into some of these sites in order to read the entire article. If you are a part of the Samford community, remember that we have subscriptions to the electronic versions of these newspapers: Either go to the newspaper title from the alphabetical list or use Academic LexisNexis to search for the editorials. Problems or questions? We’ll be happy to help you.  If you are not a part of the Samford community then you will want to visit your local/university library OR use the virtual library for your state to access these resources.

Here’s an online petition to save the American Community Survey.